Our Company

ANWAR AL WESSAM for electrical systems Established in 1997 in Riyadh.

ANWAR AL WESSAM for Electrical Systems is a Full Service Distributor of Controls and Solutions For Commercial and Industrial Automation Applications and Control Systems (EIB KNX). With a Complete Inventory of the Industry’s Finest Products From Manufacturing Leaders. And is the Exclusive Agent and Main Distributor of Several International Brands in the Saudi Market:

  • From France: Schneider Electric and CROUZET.
  • From Italy PIZZATO and Meth and Adel Systems.
  • From Korea : LSIS
  • And Other local Manufacturing Leaders: ALFANAR Co., Riyadh Cable, Saudi Cable, Bahra Cable and Much More….


An Entrepreneurial Est. Such as ANWAR AL WESSAM has its Foundations Based on a System of Solid Shared Values. Its far-sighted Leadership’s Tenacity and Intelligence has Driven the Est. Through this Period of Continued Growth.

Our Service

Listening To Our Customers

To Be successful, a Product Must Respond to the Need of Customers, Quality Alone is not Enough, So that Our Company provides 100% On Time Delivery, 100% Of Quality, And Lowest Cost Supplier

Technical Support

Our Company has Always Cultivated Close Connections and Feedback From the End user, And Provides Practical Hands-On Help and Field Experienced Instructors

Application Assistance

Our Company Helps Identify the Useful Demands and Potential Developments of the Product Range to Provide Optimal Solutions Such as Product Selection, Integrated Solutions,Custom Control Panels, and Consulting


Grow into a successful business organization while attaining sustainable market leadership positions and Recognized in the market as the source of high quality products that provide added value to our client's needs.

Companies that We are Agents

We are the Exclusive Agent and Main Distributor of Several International Brands in the Saudi Market


launch New Brands and Concepts and Integrate Reputable Brand Names with Highly Effective and Well-Tailored Marketing Campaigns, And Introduce the Latest Technology of Automation Applications and Control Systems. Also Expand and Train Teams of Specialized Engineers and Sales Force to Serve Market Demands and Managed Growth.

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